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Our Camera Packages

Our system comes with full installation and includes all materials and a 1 year parts and labour warranty. Remote access included for supported mobile devices and/or internet browsers. Access the system from anywhere in the world! Packages are available with 8, 16 and 32 cameras.

Package 1:

4 Channel Package Standard Definition

  • 4 Goutul Security system
  • 1 DVR with HD
  • 1 Power Supply


Package 2:

4 Channel 960H Package DVD Quality

  • 4 700TUL 960H Security Cameras
  • 1 960H PVR/HD
  • 1 Power Supply


Package 3:

1.3 Megapixel HD Cams Package

  • 4 1.3 Megapixel Security Cameras
  • 1 IDVR for HD Cam/ HD
  • 1 Power Supply


Package 4:

2 Megapixel Cameras 1080P HD Package:

  • 4 1080p Security Cameras
  • 1 IDVR for HD
  • 1 Power Supply


Your Security Camera Experts in Toronto

Alarm Dealer specializes in providing the best security cameras, CCTV, and surveillance systems in the Toronto area. Each of the models that we carry is specifically designed to provide exceptional performance in both indoor and outdoor situations.

We understand how important your home or business is to you, and with the threat of break-ins happening when you are not around, it is no surprise that so many people are opting to have state-of-the-art camera systems installed. With our technology, you can not only have the peace of mind that a camera system brings, you can also have 24-7 access no matter where you are in the world. We combine the highest-quality products with the highest levels of service and convenience to bring you the best there is in home security technology.

Our camera packages

Our camera packages are designed to provide our customers with the ability to find the perfect fit for their needs. Each package is specifically designed to provide cost, coverage, or capability benefits without sacrificing quality. Each package comes with installation and a one year parts and labour warranty.

Our products are fully compatible with remote technology and are supported in web browsers to ensure that you have full access to your camera’s eye around the world at any time. The HD and DVR capabilities of the cameras allow you to see down to the minute details and rerun the footage as many times as necessary, only adding to the convenience and value that our technology brings.


If you are looking for security cameras to help protect against burglaries, cameras for your store to protect property, nanny cams, or a surveillance system for any other need, then Alarm Dealer has a camera package for you. We have been helping Toronto residents keep their homes, families, and businesses safer for over a decade by providing high-tech cameras, professional installation, warranties, and other valuable extra. We are the pinnacle of safety, convenience, and capability.

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