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Security Alarm Company in TorontoAlarm Dealer is Toronto’s leading residential and commercial security systems dealer. We have been helping local residents and business owners keep their families, homes, and property safe since 2004 by providing the best alarms, security cameras, custom wiring, and audio setups.

Your security matters to us, and nowhere is it more important than your home or business while you are away. By specializing in the sale, installation, and customization of the latest security technology, our company helps you keep an extra set of eyes on what matters most to you at all times. Alarm Dealer brings you the latest in security and home automation, allowing instant access to your home’s status and vital signs via supported mobile devices and web browsers.

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Homes and businesses are two of the most important things in life, so choosing the right contractor to keep them safe is a major decision. You need to choose one that can provide the best equipment, expert installation, and fully guaranteed warranties. Alarm Dealer is Toronto’s most respected alarm and security systems provider, and we have built our reputation on understanding how important our products and services are to you.  Our services include:

  • Security cameras – our extensive catalogue of cutting-edge security cameras includes high-powered models equipped with DVR, high-def, and 960H capabilities.
  • Security alarms – our alarm packages are designed to give you the utmost protection. Alarms not only serve as a warning for you and your neighbours, but also as a deterrent to criminals. With extra sensors, Telco connectivity, and a full warranty, you can rest assured that your home is safe.
  • Custom wiring – we can customize your home security and bring you the view that you want, or we can supercharge your home’s audio and home-theatre capabilities with our skilled wiring professionals.
  • Full residential and commercial services – whether it is your home or your place of business, we want you to have peace of mind where it matters most. We are Toronto’s leading residential and commercial security camera and alarm company.

With Alarm Dealer you get:

  • The lowest prices
  • Full installation
  • Compliance with local and federal codes
  • Comprehensive warranties on parts and labour
  • Mobile and web-based compatibility for world-wide instant access
  • Insurance discounts

You can’t put a price on the peace of mind and safety that having a comprehensive security system brings, and that’s why we work hard to ensure that every inch of your property is properly monitored.

Alarm Dealer is the industry leader in residential and commercial security systems and has pioneered the incorporation of home automation and custom wiring to increase safety and accessibility. From home alarms, security cameras, and CCTV systems, to custom wiring in your home or place of business for enhanced audio, visual, or security capabilities, Alarm Dealer can help give you the safety, security, and peace of mind that you deserve.

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